JHB Expo Centre, Nasrec


9:00 to 17:00 Daily

Officially launched on 11 Nov 2022, Machine Tools Africa 2024 is Africa’s biggest machine tools exhibition showcasing cutting edge developments across the machine tools and related industries. A Machine Tools Merchants’ Association of South Africa (MTMA) event, Machine Tools Africa will be taking place at the Expo Centre in Nasrec, Johannesburg, from 21-24 May 2024.

Speaking about the industry and the launch of the show, Joanne Canossa, MTMA Chairperson, says that over the 2020-2022 trading period, South African manufacturers and metal fabricators have had to endure more than one blow: Covid-19, KZN unrest and rioting, port congestion and sabotage resulting in shipping delays, flooding on our East Coast, a steel industry’s strike and to top it off the Russian-Ukrainian war impacting on material and component supply globally.

However, with all this said, she says that “statistics show a large increase in revenue of industrial machinery in 2021/2022. This confirms that even though South Africa has been hit negatively for the past two years, businesses are investing in machinery and upgrades.”

There has been keen interest in automation, smart factories, and Industry 5.0 and how it will affect the manufacturing sector in the coming years, and according to Canossa, the “timing for the Machine Tools Africa exhibition in 2024 is perfect.”

“It will be very exciting to see how suppliers utilise this platform to target the manufacturing industry and display technological advances.  The previous show in 2017 was a standout success, attracting high quality visitors to watch live demonstrations on machinery and equipment over four days. The 2024 show will be a great step towards the recovery and upgrading of local manufacturing businesses in South Africa.”

“As an association, it is imperative the MTMA looks to the broader industrial sector. Only with investment in the manufacturing sector can the industry, and our economy benefit. South Africa has a well-established manufacturing sector that offers various opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios, and the exhibition will provide a platform for industry stakeholders to work collaboratively to take advantage of the current environment,” she says.

Machine Tools Africa 2024 will be all about machinery and tooling, control systems, robotics, design and accessories used in converting raw materials and metal castings into components and end-products that affect our everyday lives. This event is designed to showcase the very latest global machine tool technology and to highlight the importance of local suppliers and their international manufacturing partners.

All those involved in machine tools across mining, manufacturing, automotive, metallurgy, paper and pulp, aeronautics, aerospace, railways, energy, electronic and IT, and research and engineering should plan to visit Machine Tools Africa 2024. A series of free-to-attend technical seminars taking place at the show will enhance the visitor experience and add value to the programme.

For more information, contact Keraysha Pillay at Specialised Exhibitions a division of the Montgomery Group and organisers of Machine Tools Africa 2024 in partnership with MTMA. Email Keraysha at Keraysha.Pillay@montgomerygroup.com