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Bridging the CAD Skills Gap: Scan-to-CAD at Machine Tools Africa 2024

Unlocking New Dimensions in Manufacturing: From Concept to Creation

As the world of engineering relentlessly advances, the gap between existing skills and the demands of novel technologies widens. At Machine Tools Africa 2024, Rapid 3D is stepping into this breach with a hands-on demonstration that not only showcases the transformative power of Scan-to-CAD technology but also equips you with the expertise to navigate this new frontier. Join Rapid 3D as they turn theoretical possibilities into practical realities, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and modernising workflows. 

Empowering Precision: The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

At the heart of the Rapid 3D demonstration lies a commitment to empowering engineers, tool & die makers, product designers, and machinists. By integrating traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital workflows, they aim to enhance your career, elevate your projects, and ensure you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

  • Hybrid Manufacturing: Learn to streamline processes, reducing manufacturing times and costs while enabling designs that were once considered impossible or cost prohibitive.
  • Skill Enhancement for Tomorrow: What you learn at the Rapid 3D booth will equip you with career-defining skills in digitisation workflows that promise not only job security but a competitive edge in the job market.

Technology Spotlight: Geomagic Design X by Oqton

Witness the capabilities of Oqton’s Geomagic Design X, a leader in reverse engineering software. This platform transforms physical objects into precise digital replicas, opening new avenues for product improvement and innovation.

Real-World Impact: Gurtech’s G.Gun Handle Case Study

Hold the end product of a digital manufacturing workflow, the Gurtech G.Gun handle. This project exemplifies how advanced CAD technologies, combined with hybrid manufacturing, can breathe new life into traditional manufacturing processes. Making them more efficient and less costly.

A Marvel of Manufacturing: Conformal Cooling

At our booth, you’ll see the G.Gun handle’s 3D printed injection mould insert, designed by Gurtech and manufactured by Progressive Components. This component utilises innovative conformal cooling channels that are only possible through additive manufacturing, significantly reducing cooling times, enhancing part quality, and slashing costs.

Explore the array of technologies deployed in this project:

  • EOS M 290 DMLS Metal Printer: For high-precision metal parts.
  • Markforged FX10 3D Printer: Known for its robust, accurate tooling capabilities.
  • OpenTech 3D Copyt FX Scanner: Captures every contour and detail.
  • Oqton Geomagic X Software: Turns scans into highly accurate CAD models.

Why You Can’t Miss Our Stand at Machine Tools Africa 2024

Step into the future of manufacturing at the Rapid 3D stand:

  • Experience Innovation in Action: See live demonstrations of Scan-to-CAD processes.
  • Connect With Experts: Network with hands-on professionals who are shaping the future of technology in manufacturing in Africa.
  • Hands-On Learning: Get up close with the equipment and workflows that make advanced manufacturing possible.

Your Invitation to Innovate

We invite you to visit the Rapid 3D stand at Machine Tools Africa 2024 to experience first-hand the powerful capabilities of hybrid manufacturing workflows. This is more than just a demonstration—it’s a doorway to your future in the industry, providing you with the tools and knowledge to transform potential into performance.

Join us and reshape the way that Africa manufactures.