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The RÜSCH WERKE was established in 1827 by Josef Ignaz Rüsch in Dornbirn, in Austria. The company was producing machinery for textile and agriculture. In a short time the production began to be hydraulic turbines, becoming in a leader in mechanical manufacturing and supplying the German market. In 1907, Mr Silvio Scortegagna established in the north of Vicenza the SCORTEGAGNA company. The firm was among the first in the area, producing textile machinery. From 1946 begun the production of the manual hacksaw machines "ERCOLE", immediately followed by the automatic version, the "ERCOLEMATIC". In few years, it became the most important sawing machine of the Italian and European market and sold in thousands. Its most important characteristic were the strength of the structure, the quality of the components and the reliability. The production’ s evolution went on with new more and more performing models to satisfy the needing of a growing market. Among all we remember the hacksaw "FALCONE" in 1952. In 1970 was built the biggest hacksaw machine ever done, the legendary “ERCOLE 1000HE”. RÜSCH and Ercole machines, were sold all over the world. In 1980 the SCORTEGAGNA bought the RÜSCH WERKE. From the joint of these two companies the SCORTEGAGNA company, started the production of bandsaw machines. This production in the following years developed in automatic sawing lines with automatic loading and unloading systems. CNC bandsaw machines till the size of 1000mm and above are produced with a loading capacity of more than 35Tons. The sawing and drilling lines for beams line was added with machines up to 16 CNC axis. In 2013 started the Rüsch Srl, with Mr Scortegagna and other two people in the management. The line of small bandsaw machines and disk cutting machines and was added to the traditional production, under the name of Workshop Machines. In the end of 2016 started the Elemarket project: a shop on line that sells professional and consumer goods. Among these goods the most important line will be the drones. e-mail:
Address:Via Marco Corner 4 - 36016 Thiene (VI) - ITALY

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