JHB Expo Centre, Nasrec


9:00 to 17:00 Daily

Sol-Tech is proud to announce that it will be forming part of the Machine Tools Africa 2024 exhibition for the first time

Sol-Tech is a private registered vocational training college that offers world-class training in all of the most important trades. Sol-Tech started in 2007 with only 64 students and 3 lecturers and quickly expanded to a college where thousands of students have already been trained and acquired the necessary skills to become excellent artisans. Today there are more than 1 200 students in the various phases of training, which include theoretical training, practical training in world-class workshops, and completing their apprenticeships at approved companies. Over the years more than 3 500 students have acquired their Red Seal qualifications.

“Sol-Tech is extremely proud of its students. Hard work, dedication and discipline forms part of their student journey. We aim to not only equip them with an excellent qualification, but to also create an opportunity to acquire soft skills while they study at Sol-Tech,” says Paul van Deventer, managing director of Sol-Tech.

According to Chantal Swart, marketing manager of Sol-Tech, visitors of Machine Tools Africa can look forward to an exciting Sol-Tech stand filled with activities and some of Sol-Tech’s own students showcasing their skills on various equipment. “You do not want to miss the Sol-Tech stand!”

Based on Christian values using Afrikaans as mode of instruction, the college is situated in Monument Park in Pretoria, and enables students to obtain nationally recognised, useful qualifications that make young people employable because they have scarce and critical skills.

Sol-Tech was established in answer to the high demand for quality technical training, creating an educational environment that instils dignity to the various qualifications and occupations. The educational aim of Sol-Tech includes exposing students to a constructive student life environment that is directed at delivering students that are leaders and entrepreneurs in their respective fields of expertise, and to assist them in fulfilling their full potential in their occupations. Stats over the past years have shown that 94,7% of these students will be successfully employed and 20% will start their own new venture. “Sol-Tech’s students are highly sought after in the labour market”, concludes Van Deventer.

Ajani, Sol-Tech’s private registered placing company, ensures that students are placed over South Africa for quality training, with more than 400 companies offering apprenticeships.

Sol-Tech provides artisan training based on values that were the norm 50 years ago but use modern equipment as well as the latest technology to get the best results. This equipment, highly qualified lecturers and the excellent qualifications that Sol-Tech offers makes Sol-Tech’s students employable.

Sol-Tech’s training is offered on a full-time basis and students attend daily lectures and training sessions. When a student completes his or her training, he or she should be proud of their work, because of high demands that are set in the labour market.

The college offers formal training in the following trades: electrician, millwright, fitter and turner, welder, diesel mechanic, mechatronic technician, auto-electrician and tool and jig maker. Three IT-qualifications were the latest addition to Sol-Tech’s programme offering. Sol-Tech plans to expand its courses in future to include other scarce skills.

Please visit the website for more information www.sol-tech.co.za